They’ve infected the US appearing on shows such as So You Think You Can Dance and 9O21O now they aim to penetrate the UK with their second album Hook Me Up.

Australian sisters Lisa and Jess AKA The Veronicas have dealt us a dish of elctropoptasticness. With killer singles such as Untouched, which stands at a huge 48,688,178 plays on MySpace, smashed into the Top 20 of the UK charts and has been featured on FIFA 09 is only a taste of what this album is and is going to be.

With titles such as ‘Take Me on The Floor’ you’re gonna get excited, hinting towards the sexual side of life and even some bad language this album has found itself being bound by a Parental Advisory sticker, which can only mean good things! Most of the album consists of upbeat, in your face songs such as ‘Popular’, however thought has been spared for the softer side of life as the girls give us the sweet ‘In Another Life’. Unlike The Secret Lives of The Veronicas this album (Hook Me Up) is just one big synth machine crammed into your CD player which isn’t too bad however it is a nice break when you come to tracks such as ‘All I Have’ and you remember what a guitar sounds like!!!

‘I don’t want to wait’ more emotional song with the hint of violins yet maintaining the pop sound of The Veronicas. Someone wake me up – Yes someone please do wake me up after being blown away by The Veronicas vox, this song is a subtle song compared to the upbeat electroness of the other songs showing emotions and strong meanings in the songs.  ‘Revenge is Sweeter’ Is also another emotional song reminiscing over a past love who cheated on her, now she is planning on his revenge. ‘This Is How It Feels’ very catchy tune with both the sisters singing very passionately, incorporating a one or two swear words but definitely gets the message across in the songs that she is angry at the person who left her. How ever this is a review of the already released album, the UK version will slightly differ in tracks as 4ever, Change The World and Goodbye To You will be on the UK version. Overall Hook Me Up is definitely one to be seen listening too!

With three dates announced in the UK for September and Hook Me Up due to be released in the UK on the 5th Oct these girls are making their marks for world domination, and as their side weapon? The Veronicas will be supporting Kelly Clarkson on the US leg of her All I Ever Wanted Tour.

Claire Gaffney