Say hello to Rozu.

1. Hi, could you introduce yourselves and what you do in the band.

Hey guys! We are Tim Graham (vocals), DJ Sundine (guitar) Henry Navarre (bass), and Brian Robertson (drums) and we are Rozu

2. How did you settle on the name Rozu?

Basically, DJ and myself (Tim) had an idea for this project and we started really putting together a list of names that we thought we unique and memorable. After a couple of months of kind of polling a couple names to close friends we decided to go with Rozu being the Japanese word for rose and really just ran with the concept.

3. How would you describe your sound?

We are a post hardcore band with a heavier influence. We love to create heavier melodic music while also exploring into softer tones and structures.

4. How does a song come together?

A song comes together with an idea that we build off of, whether it be a melody, riff, or drum pattern. We take the idea and go to town with ideas in the studio then dissect and continue to pre pro it out until we all love it.

5. Where do you draw your influences from?

We draw influences from anything we find interesting or just sporadic things. We write how we are feeling that day which gives us this diversity. We could be pissed one day and write very heavy or another example of writing a song based of the door scene in Titanic. (there was absolutely room for 2 people on that door and Rose was being selfish).

6. When did you first decide to start making music?

When we talk about it, we all kind of had it in us from early ages and have played in bands for some time now. We wanted to start this project together to be in a band where every single person is on the same page and have that same mind set and work ethic.

7. What’s your favourite lyric that you’ve written and why?

I’d have to say my favourite lyric would be “I just need to let them in” from our song Faceless. It is such a strong topic of battling within yourself and instead of bottling everything up and trying to make yourself numb with drugs and alcohol actually let people help or try to help, but regardless let them in on what you are feeling. If people truly care about you, they will listen and at least try to help you out by being an outlet.

8. If you could have written any song (by another artist) what would it be and why?

Any song by Underoath post “Changing of Times” to be honest. For this genre they are the GOAT’S and seriously are on our dream collaboration list.

9. Give us three reasons why we should check Rozu out:

Really the only thing I could say is that we put our heart and soul into this band and try to be as honest as we can be. Every song is an embodiment of something we have gone through or are going through with a meaning of hope to ourselves and anyone else who may connect with the things we are saying.