Read on to find out what happened when I met Vic Fuentes and Jaime Preciado before they went on stage at their Southampton date.

We last caught up with you about a year ago, so what’s new in the Pierce the Veil camp?
Vic: Yes, yes we did. Ummm. Let’s see…
Jaime: I got a hair cut. I think I look fantastic. First headliner tour, let’s talk about that.
Vic: Yes, let’s. First headliner tour in the UK, first time doing this thing over here; it’s been fun. We did Warped Tour over in the states recently too. We’ve got Soundwave coming up too, in Australia, which we’re very excited about. Oh and the new album too.

What response have you had from fans when playing new material from it?
Vic: A lot of people leaving [laughs]
Jaime: Yeah, first note and woosh, they’re gone. They’re running for the doors.
Vic: They take one look at Jaime’s new hair cut…
Jaime: and they’re like ‘no, that’s unacceptable, we are out of here.’ [laughs] it’s actually been pretty good, with the new stuff. our set is over half the new songs. We’re nervous, we’re scared that people will leave…
Vic: we didn’t think we had many fans over here because we’ve been touring as supports. So it’s been a relief to see the kids singing along.
Jaime: it’s awesome

You’ve sold out pretty much all of your uk dates, were you expecting that or has it come as a shock?
Vic: definitely a shock. When we heard that the first one had sold out we were like ‘woahhh…’ because it sold out in london too.
jaime: I think because of all the tours we’ve donehere with like ADTR, Blessthefall and The Blackout we never could grasp the amount of people who knew us, who were there for us and stuff, so for us to come over here and sell out is just crazy.
Vic: I think it was our new record that started it over here; that there’s something about it…
Jaime: yeah all those subliminal messages we put into it.

What’s your favourite track off Collide with the Sky to perform live and why?
Vic: I really like the first song, ‘Hell Above.’ I really enjoy that one. Everyone jumps straight away.
Jaime: I like Bulls in the Bronx, it’s got this cool little interlude bridge part that we get everyone jumping and clapping to and stuff. It’s a lot of fun.

How have the crowd differed from when you supported A Day To Remember?
Vic: well, this is on a different scale; it’s smaller and sweatier.
Jaime: it’s pretty crazy ‘cause the kids are like, it’s in the sweatiest clubs known to man ever, I think I nearly passed out once and the crowd are stripping. Tonight’s probably gonna be real cold, probably gonna have to wear my jacket [laughs]. But no, the kids have been great.

What are 3 things you want your fans to take away from tonight’s show?
Jaime: I want them… to have a great time.
Vic: And to lose their voices and lose 10 pounds in sweat.
Jaime: I want them to get at least one bruise so they can be like ‘hey I got this at a pierce the veil show.’
Vic: yeah and I want the venue to look the same way as we do when we leave the stage… sweaty and awful.
Jaime: yeah I look like a… squid. I sweat a lot.

Have you had any embarrassing on stage mishaps?
Vic: we’ve had quite a few on this tour…
Jaime: yeah, we had this cute little girl, like not many people were crowd surfing for some reason and this girl managed to sneak up on stage, like the cutest little girl in this dress and then she just jumps into the crowd and her dress is like… up. Usually you have all the sweaty kids going nuts and she was just this cute little girl in a cute little dress, and she was like [high pitch voice] “I’m gonna crowd surf, yay!” and then she jumped you could sort of see everything and I was like ‘what the…’ [laughs]

Can you give us two reasons why, so one from each of you, for people who haven’t heard of PTV, should listen to you
Vic: well we’re on tour with a band called The Getaway Plan and that should lure you right in.
Jaime: And number two will refer to number one in that we’re on tour with The Getaway plan and Crown The Empire in that it’s a solid tour and it’s our very first time headlining
Vic: it’s a very diverse tour with our sets. So it’s not like 3 screaming bands.
Jaime: it’s a very good show, from beginning to end.