Introducing HIGH TYDE. WDAC got to talk to Spencer of the four piece band from Brighton, UK. Their EP ‘FUZZ’ is out TODAY and can be bought here.

What inspired the name High Tyde?
The name came quite easily as we all live by the sea and decided on it after our first practice.

How did the band start?
We have all been friends for years in different bands. I met Louis (drums) at a music course in Brighton and started busking where we then decided to start a band doing something a bit different from what we had all previously been doing, we were all 13 too 😉

You’re from Brighton – what’s the music scene like there and are there any other bands we should be checking out?
Brighton is great, always cool vibes in the town as well as music! Definitely check out a band called JLYY who have just released their first EP!

What and who are High Tyde’s influences?
We like many different styles of music from Rock to Jazz to Hip Hop which all influence in certain ways. We like artists like Jimi Hendrix, Rolling Stones, Kasabian, Kendrick Lamar, Disclosure, Mac Demarco.

Your first EP is about to be released in a few days’ time, how excited are you about that?
We are super stoked! The reaction so far has been amazing with Radio 1 support, so it’s going to be great to have it all out!

Why the name ‘Fuzz’?
There’s a couple reasons for it but mainly we were trying to describe the sound/aesthetic of the EP which is quite edgy and energetic so ‘FUZZ’ came to mind.

What’s your favourite song that you’ve written?
They have all been really fun to record/write as we love being in the studio so much, a couple of the new songs are wicked.

Is there a writing process?
There’s a couple ways we do it but usually it just comes from a jamming in the early hours in the morning!

You were recently put on Radio 1’s BBC introducing list – how did that feel?
It was amazing! Hearing your song on the radio everyday is an incredible feeling so we are very thankful for that opportunity!

You’ve just come off tour with Little Comets, how was it?
Another AMAZING experience, those lads are great! It’s hard to describe how it was, but the guys really took us in and made us feel at home. It was fantastic to play to those crowds who really got into our sound!

You’ve just been added to the Great Escape festival line-up, what other festivals would you like to play?
We would love to play all the cool British festivals, but festivals like Glastonbury and Reading and Leeds would be mental to be at!

Have you had any embarrassing on stage mishaps?
Nothing too cringe has happened really but Cody (vocals) has had some trouble being tangled up in leads while taking his mic off the stand haha (no one noticed – I don’t think)

Have you got any plans to tour further afield than just the UK and if so where?
We would love to venture outside the UK for sure so hopefully we will have that opportunity sometime. We would really like to go to some places in Europe like Spain, Paris, Germany and of course to get over to the states but we will see what the future holds 😉

If you could listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be?
oooo very hard question! For the rest of my life any song constantly I would probably loathe after a month haha but today I reckon ‘Mustang Japan’ by High Tyde… Na personally I would say ‘Bright Lights’ by Gary Clark Junior.

Where do you see yourselves in 5 years’ time?
Hopefully we will just be touring everywhere and writing loads of songs constantly. Sky’s the limit.

Can you give us three reasons why people who haven’t heard of High Tyde should give you a listen:
1. If you wanna go mental and have a good time at a show.
2. If you want something to get fuzzy with.
3. Vibes