I managed to catch up with singer and guitarist Matthew Wright and guitarist Clint Ellis before their show at The Joiners in Southampton as support for Pierce The Veil.

Hey, could you introduce yourselves, what you do in the band and one interesting fact about yourself.
Clint: Hi, I’m Clint, I play guitar and i er, have massive red hair?
Matthew: [laughs] Hi i’m Matthew and I don’t have red hair… That’s not that interesting though…
Clint: You kinda look like Crazy Frog.
Matthew: Yeah! I kinda do look like Crazy Frog which is a shame…

Oh come on, no you don’t!
Matthew: [laughs] Kinda though!

So this is your first time in the UK, how’s it going so far?

Clint: it’s been amazing, much better than we would ever have hoped for to be honest.
Matthew: Yeah, amazing.

Where’s the best crowd been, so far?
Clint: London?
Matthew: Yeah London or Manchester. Manchester was pretty wild as well…

Well obviously things are about to get much better here…
Clint: Yeah, it should be pretty good.

Have you had any embarrassing moments on stage?
Matthew: On this tour?

In general
Matthew: yeah, oh yeah! [laughs]
Clint: just like falling over and stuff.
Matthew: When we played back home, in an arena for a big festival, where there were like 10,000 people watching us as we set up, i slipped over right on my ass on a glow stick. That’s probably my most embarrassing moment.
Clint: Or when I hit you over the head with my guitar and put you in hospital…

Back in 2009, you guys disbanded and started other projects, what made the getaway plan get back together?
Matthew: Ummmmmm… I just missed these guys too much. I couldn’t live without them [laughs].
Clint: the love and the music, I guess. we had no, well I wouldn’t say no intention of getting back together, but we all kinda rehearsed together and just looked at each other like ‘yeah this is good, let’s keep going’ and we wrote an album.

As a band, what’s been your proudest moment?
Clint: I’m gonna say making the last album we did in Canada.
Matthew: Yeah I’m gonna agree with that one.

Requiem is such a good album.
Matthew: [laughs] Thank you!

What would be your perfect tour line up?
Clint: Oh, this is hard… like of all time?

Yeah, alive or dead.
Clint and Matthew: Wooooooah!
Matthew: Shit! Um, gonna say Led Zepplin are gonna have to be in there somewhere… Radiohead… Tall…
Clint: Yeah, Tall. Maybe the Beatles, just for good measure. See what they’re up to. [laughs]

Random scenario: your tourbus is under attack by zombies, what’s your Getaway Plan?
Matthew: [laughs] I don’t know… what is our getaway plan? I guess run fast? Run like girls?
Clint: Well whatever we’d do we’d be faster than them.

What’s next for The Getaway Plan?
Matthew: We’ve got a little bit of time off at home, then we just wanna get back here as soon as possible.
Clint: our record comes out at the end of this year, so hopefully we can come back and tour for it. And then there’s the festival season…