She’s gonna be ‘indie hip hop”s finest new thing. You may have heard her on MC Lars’ ‘Single and Famous’ track. If you haven’t, may I suggest that you do. You may have also heard her remix of Paramore’s ‘Ignorance’ (‘No Ignorance’). If you haven’t, may I suggest you do. Make way for K.Flay.

1. What you stand for, and an interesting fact about yourself?

I hope I stand for music that’s original and authentic.  In my music life and my normal life I try to be an independent thinker and general proponent of weirdness.  Interesting fact: my second toe looks like ET.

2. Who was the most enjoyable artist you have performed with and why?

I just finished a great run with Wallpaper.  He’s got this totally crazy outlandish stage persona, and it was really fun to watch him transform each night.

3. What is your favourite mix up on MASHed Potatoes?

Crazytown.  I think that we live in age in which corporations and institutions suppress a lot of natural – and potentially beneficial – psychological variation in the name of “mental health” and that as a society, we suffer for it.  Feeling insane, depressed, out of control – those are the ingredients for great art and interesting people.

4. You like to manipulate your music and manage to create something beautifully unique. What instruments can and do you prefer to use?

I do a lot of sampling, which means I sort of have the whole musical instrument spectrum at my fingertips.  But in terms of what I actually play, it’s mainly controllers and guitar.

5.  Any plans for your own tour?

Right now I’m enjoying life as an opening act.  I think it’s important to be able to adapt your live show to different kinds of crowds and learn from other, more experienced artists.  Plus, the vague threat of getting booed off stage means you have to make sure you aren’t completely terrible.

6. Best performance to date and why?

I actually think my best show was my latest show, in London the other week.  Often, when I’m performing, I find my mind wandering off – everything’s so automatic that I don’t have to think about it.  But I was super stressed that day, with jetlag, meetings, travel, and I was able to release all that energy on stage.

7. You are credited on your educational success often, are you glad you went to University and at the same time pursued your musical career?

I’m extremely happy that I finished university.  At the end of the day, when the show’s over, I’m stuck with myself.  So I’m glad I like reading books.  Because books are more interesting and less frustrating than me.

8. What are your inspirations for your music?

The things I see and feel.  I’ve been in a very introspective space as of late, so a lot of my writing has stemmed from that.

9.Your work is original, are you looking to create your own genre?

Not really.  Just trying to make music that’s a bit surprising, a bit left of center.  I’m still figuring out my sound, but I’m getting closer to where I want to end up.

10.  Who came up with the stage name?, was it a previous nickname or just a play on words?

K.Flay was my nickname in college.

11. Do you prefer to perform in the US or further afield?

I’ve only performed a bit outside the US but it’s been awesome.  I definitely hope to do more international touring this year.

12. Where do you see yourself in five years?

In a studio, working on some new shit.

13.  Something about you that others perhaps would not expect?

I cry during movies.

14.  A message to all your fans?

Thank you!  And stay tuned for new music.  Loooots of new music.