Hailing from the “sunny” seaside town of Bournemouth, Death by Shotgun are what you’d get if a couple of members of The Menzingers went on a student exchange trip with members of The Beach Boys. The mix this creates is tight hooks, honest lyrics and sing along choruses that will have you using your friends as footstalls at their shows to grab the microphone.

We’re quite dubious when asked to feature a band here at With Drums and Colour, but what Death by Shotgun achieve with Life’s A Beach is a summery exploration into the darker experiences of life and the challenges that come with it. After giving it a listen I was instantly replaying it from the first track, surprised to find myself singing along. It’s catchy and relatable, which for me, a 20 something overgrown emo, is perfect.

The members forming this quartet are Dom Wright and Matt Gibbons on guitar/vocals, George Fullerton hitting the skins and finally Filipe Martins slapping the bass. You won’t find anything new in the 5 tracks on the EP but even if it is familiar, it’s done incredibly well.

The EP starts with the track Forget About It, a track that encapsulates what to expect from the next 4 songs straight away, I like this. I wasn’t left thinking “Maybe this will grow on me in a few more listens” I was enjoying it from the get go and I wasn’t let down with a direction change on the later tracks.

The next stand out track for me has to be New Year’s Eve as it all rings true, I can’t stand New Year’s Eve. Everyone Is expected to enjoy themselves, go out, party, so on so forth. This song is very aware of that, almost berating it but with such a positive sound that you’d be forgiven for sticking it on the ‘New Year’s Good Vibes’ playlist next to ‘The Final Countdown’.

Rather than dissect the EP for you all, we managed to get an exclusive stream of Life’s A Beach for you! Recorded, mixed and mastered by the same guy, Daly George at the Ranch Production House it has a consistent sound and amazing production value for a debut. Take a listen below.

Life’s A Beach is due to be released September 1st on Southampton’s DIY label Suicide Notes on cassette and digital formats. Pre-order HERE.

Caleb O’Neill