“For this LP, we were forced to jump out of our comfort zone. We went into the studio not knowing how the songs would sound and gave ourselves enough time to play around with new ideas.”

There were a lot of firsts on this album, like the first time playing piano on our recordings and the first time we had someone record violin for us.

Our previous album, Here is Fine, was recorded over three straight sweaty days on a hot August weekend in 2016. Change of Scenery, on the other hand, was recorded over the course of a week that spanned from August to December of 2018. It really let the songs breathe and gave us time to reflect on what we were working on. There were many times where we went down a rabbit hole with producer Dylan Frankland. We were never really satisfied with an initial idea, we always wanted to see where else we could go. If something sounded too pretty, Dylan would step in and say it needs to sounds weirder or darker, and we would know exactly what he meant.”