The inspiration behind my new single, “Moon Cats,” came from taking a leap of faith.

What started out as sad, bedroom jangle-pop songs about how miserable I was, slowly began to evolve – both style/direction wise – over time into the more psych-funk sound that you hear today.

I went through so many lyrical drafts to fill in the song; however, I soon realized that its instrumentation says more than any phrase ever could. 

Moon Cats” works like a visual piece. The verses are like decompression, whereas the middle part repeats three times in an effort to pump you up to take the plunge. At the end, after the build up, angelic strings are there to represent what could be on the other side of holding yourself back.

This track was produced by myself and co-produced by Tyler Wagar (who plays synth in the band). I always knew what I wanted “Moon Cats” to be – it blossoms and unfolds, which I think is largely due in part to visual reference I had in my mind.


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