“With our new song, “Savage,” we feel that we have really come into our own as a band. It was inspired by the smash 1991 blockbuster, Point Break, starring Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze.”

“We wanted this track to live up to its near-mythical subject matter and we’re quite happy with the outcome. 

Sonically, we made a clear nod to the Point Break’s surf themes using reverb and tremolo on the lead guitar lines. Coupled with big rock choruses, “Savage” invites a summer mood.

This song is taken from Sleepwalker, from our upcoming sophomore album. “Savage” was one of the most fun songs on the album to record because we really felt free to experiment and add different parts to the final recording, which went through a number of changes during the process.

Savage” is one of our personal favourites, both to listen to and to play live. We hope you enjoy it!”

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