Australian pop twins THE VERONICAS have released new track ‘BITING MY TONGUE’ from upcoming album ‘HUMAN.’ Their first LP in six years.

Speaking abut the new track, Jess and Lisa said: “‘Biting My Tongue’ is about saying everything you’ve been holding back.”

“When desire sits on the tip of your tongue and you don’t know if you should share your feelings and risk it all, or hold it in and risk never knowing,” the pair continue.

“We’ve both taken risks in love. We are naturally curious people. I think we would always feel it was a tragedy to love someone and to allow fear of their reaction stop us from knowing if they might feel the same. So writing this was like a confession pouring out.

“Most people have that one moment that they either took the risk, or lost the chance. . . either way, everyone is changed by that moment.”

They wrote with song writing and production team David Musumeci and Anthony Egizii, aka DNA Songs, who’ve they’ve shared previous chart successes in #1 ARIA singles ‘You Ruin Me’ and ‘In My Blood’.