Canadian newcomer CATE has released a new single ‘Pity Party’ out now via Believe. The first track lifted from the 21 year old London-based, Vancouver native’s debut EP, ‘Love, The Madness’, which is set for release on September 25, 2020.

CATE’s debut proper, the release of the emotionally resonant ‘Pity Party’ follows ‘Sad Song’, which scored prominent Spotify play-listing spots and generated close to a quarter of a million streams last year after she uploaded it herself in little expectation of the reaction it would prompt. Written between Los Angeles, Cate’s previous hometown of Vancouver and her new base in Camden, the ‘Love, The Madness’ EP snapshots in real time the emotional turbulence of transitioning out of teenage-hood with a relatability that is both raw and uplifting.

Hailing from Abbotsford, British Columbia – a town on the Canadian-U.S. border formerly known as the ‘Bible Belt Of BC’ – Cate soon felt the claustrophobic limitations of going against the grain in a society in which married-with-kids-by-25 is for many the established norm. Having grown up in music-obsessed household, a schooling courtesy of her Mom in Country & Western greats – Johnny Cash & Dolly Parton especially – was balanced by a passionate stan-dom for the likes of Joni Mitchell, Alanis Morisette and Shania Twain, “All the Canadian Queens!” Cate laughs. By her late teenage years though, she was feeling burnt by the fall-out of leaving the country-influenced band she’d been fronting – and touring around Canada – through high school. Encouraged by ‘why not?’ parents – who’d themselves driven across the huge landmass to relocate to the West Coast from the isolation of Newfoundland – Cate cut ties to relocate to Vancouver straight out of high school.

Driving trips down the West Coast to cross the border from Vancouver to Los Angeles for writing projects – both for her own material and pitches for other artists – soon became as frequent as cash would allow, with Cate making a serendipitous connection with Cian Ducrot at a writing camp. Finishing their first co-write within an hour of meeting, Ducrot then went onto to long-distance produce the ‘Love, The Madness’ EP between his London bedroom and Cate’s digs in Vancouver.

With visa issues nixing Cate’s planned longterm move to L.A., an impulsive Plan B instead brought her and Ducrot – joined by fellow Vancouverite songwriter Tessa Mouzourakis – together in a shared flat in North London which at last check was without running water; “My bedroom is the living room-cum-recording-room” Cate laughs, “It’s awesome!”. The shimmering ‘Pity Party’ – the first track she wrote after moving to London, documents this bumpy transition into the unknown with both unvarnished honesty (Ducrot’s production also assimilating snippets from Cate’s phone calls back to her Mom in Canada) and a deceptively hooky quality.

This kind of freewheeling, ‘f•#k it’ resilience fizzes from every moment across the ‘Love, The Madness’ EP, a coming-of-age collection that documents the fall-out of glimpsing a safe, predictable future you’re scared by, upending everything to outrun it and, as Cate dryly notes, with understatement, “All the stuff with boys”. ‘Love, The Madness’ might be the culmination of 12 chaotic months spent, in so many ways, winging it – but it brims with an unmistakable focus and facility that you suspect won’t keep Cate consigned to the sofa in the living room for much longer….