KIIARA has enlisted the help of DEATHBYROMY and PVRIS for her new track NUMB.

“Too many people have tried to control me over the years and it had taken a toll on me. I became numb to what was going on around me. I was exhausted from trying to explain myself and it felt as if people would wait for me to be at my weakest and most vulnerable to swoop in and manipulate my view on things. It was debilitating and I felt like I was in a tunnel all alone. I shut down completely.

“It was great working with DEATHBYROMY and PVRIS on Numb because I’ve been fans of them for a while. I love how unique each of their writing styles are and how well we all mesh together vocally even though we’re all very different. This song to me screams girl gang and I’m just so grateful to have this energy around me. I love working with artists who aren’t afraid to be real and embrace darkness and vulnerability.  Numb is our emo anthem.”