The lead single for the bands fourth album is called CLOUD SICK.

Recorded with WILL YIP, FREE THROW’s new full-length is set for release on 25th June via Triple Crown Records.

Speaking of the new track, CORY CASTRO says: “‘CLOUD SICK is a song about trying to make sure the person you are with is happy.” He continues: “Sometimes situations make the strain of a relationship even harder. The song really touches on personal insecurities and worries that your significant other may give up on the relationship.”

“In normal times, it’s very hard for a band like us to feel as if we have the freedom to take time off,” KEVIN GARCIA adds of the album, which was impacted by ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. “We’d go home to write and record, then we go on tour. Rinse and repeat.

“When we got into this writing process, we stopped feeling like we existed in a mold or on a path that we were supposed to keep going on with our contemporaries. We stopped worrying about what tour we may be fighting for next or what some other band was doing. We were just in a vacuum, writing songs for our own enjoyment.”