The band have also announced details of their debut album, PRIMARY COLOURS.

Singer and guitarist JACK PERRY had this to say about the meaning behind the track: “Eye Roller” was written about that one friend who always seems to take it further than the others. I was listening to a lot of early Oasis at the time and I wanted to write something with few chord progressions, keeping the subject simple and my lyrics literal. I think me and my friends went to see the Arctic Monkeys and we all ended up getting wasted in town after the show. I remember my mate sitting on the pavement, eating a nasty kebab with his drunken eyes rolling in the back of his head. It’s pretty much a social commentary of what happened that night, drinking too much and talking nonsense. All of the cars were parked up with no lights on. We were just hanging around the streets looking for another place to be, but knowing deep down that the night is over.”

Bass player CHRISTIAN O’REILLY O’Reilly continues: “The video was actually filmed on my iPhone at home. It was during lockdown and I was having a day going through my record collection. I had made a bit of a mess on the floor, I was just surrounded by lots of records and I thought that it actually made quite a cool canvas for something visual. So I started writing out the lyrics to Eye Roller on random pieces of paper and placing them on top of my records and video recording it. If you watch closely you’ll see a crumpet slowly being eaten. This is was completely legit and I was eating some for lunch and thought it’d look cool in one of the shots. “A three pound meal & a side, a side of you I just can’t deal with yet”. I imported all the files onto my computer and put the song in and it just worked perfectly. It looked naturally gritty and fitted with the song perfectly. Almost the complete opposite to our video for Laura.”

LOVEBREAKERS debut album PRIMARY COLOURS is now set for release on the 25th June via Wiretap Records, and its artwork looks like this: