Wade MacNeil best known as co-founder of the genre defining post-hardcore band Alexisonfire has been very busy recently, scoring several video games, films, working with Gallows and most recently Dooms Children

Their first release “Flower Moon” produced by Wade and long time collaborator Daniel Romano, saw a video drop last month (May 26th) has quickly jumped onto people’s radars. Getting its debut on Daniel P Carter’s radio 1 rock show, Flower Moon starts not to dissimilar to classics such as Lynyrd Skynyrd and continues this sound with Wade’s raspy but beautifully dark vocals. It really lends itself to the lyrics, which seem to be a love letter to Montreal, friends old and new and also the loneliness we all know so well. 

It’s finished by a face melting solo very reminiscent of precariously mentioned Skynyrds free bird and Wade repeating “Full moon shining down on St Henri.” 

This is a powerful track and if this is a taste of what Dooms Children have to offer, we’re in for a treat on further releases. Definitely one to watch out for.