Taken from their upcoming album, SUPERNOVA, NOVA TWINS have shared their newest offering, PUZZLES.

“Inspired by the many sexy R&B songs we love, we wanted to make a heavy rocked-out version of a song that makes us feel powerful,” the pair say. “It’s always been fine for men to vocalise liking sex, so why can’t the same rules apply to us? We’re women, we should be free to explore what we like in our songwriting! A general Nova Twins theme is that we’re always in control. When it comes to a track like this, we were always going to show our domineering side.”

SUPERNOVA is released on 17th June and looks like this:

1: Power (Intro)
2: Antagonist
3: Cleopatra
4: K.M.B.
5: Fire & Ice
6: Puzzles
7: A Dark Place For Somewhere Beautiful
8: Toolbox
9: Choose Your Fighter
10: Enemy
11: Sleep Paralysis