If Fleet Foxes were from Nottingham, they’d sound a little bit like this.

Like the score to a modern western, Tindersticks’ label debut ‘Falling Down a Mountain’ is a romantic, desperate, orchestral-backed record that requires multiple listens to fully appreciate the work that has been put in by the multi-instrumentalists.

Having been making records since 1992, Tindersticks have, similarly to their songs, been leaving a quiet impact on the music scene. Ashamedly, they are a relatively new name to my musically-naive ears and it was only upon crossing the title in Leicester’s Rockaboom  record shop, that I decided to listen.

If you’re a delicate soul, Tindersticks are the guys for you. They sound their greatest in the mellower, pensive moments of the record, with songs such as ‘Factory Girls’ and ‘Hubbards Hill’, demonstrating this. However, it is difficult to place Tindersticks into one particular genre. To do so would be rather restraining and limiting. Yet when listening, there is a lovely weaving of influences and genres that combine to form a signature sound. There’s a bluesy vibe to the more up-tempo tracks, such as ‘Black Smoke’ and ‘No Place Alone’, which lift the general placidity of the album. Their folky rhythms will keep you going, just in case you get a bit too subdued.

On initial playing, I understood why they are perhaps less known than say, Fleet Foxes. Their songs are carefully constructed and progressive. The record needs to be listened to as one piece rather than as individual tracks. If ran through without skipping, the magic of ‘Falling Down a Mountain’ is sure to be realised.

So, if by any chance you find yourself wandering through the Nevada desert (or even just the town square), nursing a bruised heart, this would probably be the record to carefully console you and cure those darned blues. Just persevere. It’ll be worth it.

Album highlights:

  • Keep You Beautiful
  • Peanuts
  • Piano Music
  • No Place So Alone

“Quite an achievement… a feast: dense and opaque, but never sluggish or lacklustre.” Mail On Sunday (5/5)

“Tindersticks remain at the top of their game and, better still, they seem to want to play.” Record Collector (4/5)

“Stunning….exquisite….gorgeous.” MOJO (4/5)

“Falling Down A Mountain is a subtly strong album, full of self-belief and always climbing, carrying you with it.” Uncut (4/5)

Olivia Turner