Good morning, afternoon, evening (or whenever you’re reading this) readers. This edition of Keep It On Wax where I delve into my personal Vinyl collection and review some of my favourites has come a lot sooner than the last. Mainly because when I was writing my last one this popped out at me and I’ve not stopped listening since.

Today I’m dropping the needle on the debut LP by Daudi Matsiko “An Introduction to Failure” which is actually comprised of two previously released EPs. As always I’ll start with how I came across Daudi’s music. It would’ve been in 2016 when he was announced as support for Keaton Henson’s London Palladium show on the 18th of November that year. After the announcement I checked out what I could find of Daudi’s which at the time was a Sofar Sounds video of “Take Me Old” which on my first listen had me instantly hitting the replay button. It’s an incredibly moving and unique take on a love song.

“Because one day I may not have the cognitive ability, to even tie my shoes or reach to brush my teeth and if you’re still with me and I keep you from getting sleep. Just know that I am grateful though those words I may not speak and I may forget faces, names, our favourite memories but know my heart is full and in it your love I will keep.”

These lyrics paint a depressing picture of one of our harsh realities that we will get old, frail and ultimately ill yet it’s incredibly beautiful that this love still exists. I’m not afraid to admit once dissecting the lyrics my second time round I was listening with tears in my eyes.

Daudi’s music follows this trend of beautifully raw lyrics presented with a humble honesty that makes Daudi instantly feel like one of your best friends. Singing in almost a whisper over intricately crafted finger picking really brings home the emotion poured into this collection of songs.

It was only the other day in conversation with Daudi that I learnt the majority of this album was recorded by Chris Boot in a living room just near Seven Dials. The reason I bring attention to this is because the album sounds so full. Wind and String sections accompany Daudi. It’s incredibly crafted.

The best example of this in my opinion is the track which also happens to be my personal favourite “Sandwiches” whilst it may not be the meaning behind the lyrics this song really resonates within me as how being a victim of anxiety feels. “I’m always wrong, still facing the same damn problems and I don’t solve them, I’m just sweeping them under carpets.” Followed later by “Muscles make hostages of my bones, paralyse my vocal chords, the dark envelops all. All my hope.” These words will seem familiar to people who suffer, this also lends to what I said earlier about these songs making you feel connected to Daudi and this connection perfectly encapsulates the skill of Daudi’s song writing.

If I was to summarise Daudi’s music it would simply be incredibly talented and criminally underrated and that’s why I’ve chosen to cover this album. I believe that everyone needs to give it a listen and bless themselves with his art.

We spoke to Daudi to see if there was anything he wanted to let people know about, and he told us that he’s currently working on a new album and you can keep updated on any releases Daudi may have in the future on his social media pages; Facebook and/or through his Twitter and Instagram.

He’s also available for bookings for any events you readers may have.
You can purchase “An Introduction To Failure” in beautiful white vinyl and whilst stocks last get some signed postcards here.