I have been anticipating this album for over 2 years now, I knew that when it finally arrived, it would be something pretty special and I believe that it has reached these expectations. You may be thinking, “oh no, not another female solo artists, this whole ‘females taking over thing’ is getting boring now.”

But let me assure you, this one’s a special one. Not only do her songs clearly come from the heart but Marina Diamandis is a woman that’s not fearful to speak her mind. Her songs are littered with her opinions on certain modern social issues and happenings as well as personal experiences.

From the flamboyant vocal utterances to the electric violins, this album is shiny pop perfection that speaks for itself. I’m glad that Marina has put some polished up versions of some of her oldest songs such as ‘Hermit the Frog‘ on as well as her new songs, for example ‘Guilty‘, a song which shows her more vulnerable streak.

Despite its nostalgic 70s/80s pop tint, this album is certainly an individual one, full of inspiring honesty, passion and intriguing individuality.


Katie Wilkinson