After months of silence from the New York post punk four piece, Interpol fans across the world were presented with an opportunity to hear some brand new material.

Lights shows an apparent return to the original dark edged, raw sound of Turn on the Bright Lights (coincidental name, I think not). Recorded in the wake of Our Love to Admire, the layered guitars and Paul Bank’s lamenting vocals are reminiscent of All Fired Up.

The introduction’s striding chord progression, enhanced with a wall of reverb, shows a minimalist genius so typical of Interpol. Banks’ vocals and Kessler’s guitar lend the song a soaring quality add to this the menacing almost marching feel of Fogarino’s drums and Dengler’s bass, it gives an over all feel of nervous tension; a bittersweet slice of beautiful uncertainty. Banks has hinted at an orchestral sound for their newest offering, so maybe that will put paid to all those Joy Division comparisons…

Lauren Larkin