Emerging from a musical siesta as inconspicuously as a nudist in an Amish commune, Kelis has finally returned! It has been a very long, four year gap for this husky-toned lady, whose microphone of late has been replaced by a sprog. However, the domestic life seems to have denied the spunky singer of some much-deserved attention from the iTunes generation.

Her fling with the electro/club music scene, courtesy of gods of the dance floor: David Guetta, Benny Benassi and Boys Noize, results in a thrashing of 9 succinct, no-holds-barred tracks, on an unassuming public, that persists in hitting us right on our rhythmic bone. Acapella is one of those rare tracks that once heard, are never forgotten. With thudding drum beats and synthy, grind-worthy pulsations, I predict it to be the

The hypnotically repetitive Emancipate encapsulates Kelis’ detached, independent spirit. Her digitally -mixed plea for musical and personal liberation is unrelenting. “Like the phoenix from the ashes…I’ll try again” pledges the songstress. Meanwhile, Free School-produced Home is a trance-y piece that is sure to be a future release and smash. Each of the nine tracks on Fleshtone raise the bar for Kelis, who sings of love, motherhood and life in an uplifting, thumping and demonstrative style. 22nd Century shows that Kelis has made the massive transistion from R&B diva to queen of the DJ decks, singing: “Everybody’s dancin’ !” , suggesting she isn’t going to be letting us stop any time soon.

With Fleshtone comes a surprisingly grounded and self-aware Kelis whose deliciously soulful voice blends immaculately with the pounding, dancey vibes and beats of her new digital crushes. [See Guetta, for deets] Sounding very little like past success ,Tasty, this singer-songwriter has come up trumps with a fresh, unforeseen sound.

I don’t know about you, but I smell a Grammy….

Listen to: 22nd Century, Acapella, Scream, Brave, Song for the Baby

Olivia Turner