While She Sleeps are a Sheffield based metal/hardcore band comprised of Lawrence Taylor (vocals), Mat Welsh (guitar/vocals), Sean Long (guitar), Aaran McKenzie (bass) and Adam Savage (drums/percussion). Hot off the heels of some of the best festivals around this year, we managed to catch up with Mat for a few questions.

First off, the typical question: how did you come up with the name While She Sleeps?

We were 16 and it seemed like a good idea at the time!

How did you all meet?
We’re all from the same school, we’ve been playing in bands together since we were 14.

What made you decide to start a band?
It’s all I’ve ever wanted to do, and the same for the rest of the guys. It contains everything into a job that we all want from life.

If you had to sum up While She Sleeps in three words, what would they be?
Passionate, Energetic, Brotherhood.

Name 5 things/people that WSS are most inspired by when making music.
Our close families, friends, elders, experiences, dreams.

You recently played Slam Dunk festival, how was that for you?
It was awesome, the uk has been so supportive and we cant thank everyone enough for coming out and helping us do what we love.

What are the best, and worst, shows you’ve ever played?
We played in Leeds with no stage at midnight, it was amazing having everyone in our faces at the same level, I love shows like that.
As for bad, we once pulled up to a venue that was that bad & we had to play so quiet we left & told them we had a family emergency.

What’s your favourite song to play live, and favourite song off The North Stands for Nothing in general, and why?
I love playing the title track of TNSFN, its such a bouncy track & we all get to go mad. Crows is always super fun too, it’s the track people know best & hearing a crowded room sing it with us is something that will never get old.

What do you miss most when on tour?
The people back home, our girlfriends & families. A nice bed and a kitchen! But we fucking love tour.

If you could play with any band in the world, who would it be?
I’d love to play with Slipknot. That would be unreal.

Where do you see yourselves in 5 years time?
Sleeping in a van playing shows with my five best friends.

Have you discovered any new bands recently that you really like? What are you listening to most right now?
I’m really into LetLive at the moment. In the UK theres a band called Feed The Rhino who are real good too.

Any final words?
Thanks to anyone who has helped towards our band. You are keeping us alive & letting us do what we love.
We are all eternally grateful for the support people give us.

While She Sleeps will be playing at Hevy festival in Kent on Sunday 7th August and tickets for their October headlining tour are on sale now.