Monday the 4th of October brought the release of the highly anticipated new album from you me at six, sinners never sleep. Following a string of HMV signing for the album and during the midweek charts it stood at the number one position a couple of hundred copies in front of James Morrison (however that’s sadly changed).

But was all that waiting and queuing on the streets worth what Sinners Never Sleep has brought?

This album kicks off from their first single off the album “Loverboy,” and just like their second album Hold Me Down’s “Underdog,” its catchy rhythm and easy to remember chorus is a sure crowd pleaser. And even if it isn’t you’ll probably have the “na na na’s” ringing in your head for a few hours.

Of course the boys from Surrey have grown a lot since the release of their first album “Take off your Colours” with its more pop punk feel, and Sinners Never Sleep concentrates more on the classic rock beats. Of course a You Me At Six album would not be a You Me At Six album without a few heart reaching softer core songs, and Sinners Never Sleep does not lack on that one. Songs such as “When We Were Younger” and “Crash” will leave some room for lighters in the air at up and coming shows.

An angry feel comes from song such as “Bite My Tongue” featuring screamo band Bring Me The Horizon’s frontman, Oli Sykes, as the band have recently admitted they were at a point of hating each other when songs were written for sinners never sleep. Fans have been reassured that a break up has been avoided and things are all okay but “Bite My Tongue” is now a reminder on how hard being in a band 24/7 can be.

Another stand out track for their 3rd album is ‘Reckless’ is one of the only songs from the album that reminds you slightly of their pop punk roots, as if to show that they have grown, but have no way forgotten where they started from. A bouncy number in which Josh proclaims he’s “Mr Reckless with a capital R.” Whatever that entails.

Whatever your mood, whoever you are, there will at least be one song on this in your face album that will stick in your head and have you tapping your foot or singing along.

You Me At Six have a string of UK dates starting next week performing songs from the new album and at a push they may be able to hang on to that number one spot and be touring with a UK number one album next week. Quite an achievement for such a young band.