Oli caught up with Eddy Thrower (Drummer) and Dec Hart (Bass) from Lower Than Atlantis at Welsh festival, Merthyr Rock.

So guys, your new album Changing Tune (released October 1st on Island Records) is going to be released at the start of next month, what response have you had from fans when playing the new material from the album?
 I don’t really get to look at the crowd that much because I’m behind the drums but from what I can tell it’s been good. The response on social media websites and such has been pretty good but crowd reaction has almost been the same as the rest of our material really, there’s not much difference from the crowds. In a way I suppose that’s good if fans are still reacting the same to the new music we’re playing at shows and festivals and stuff so yeah it’s been positive.

Every band has their ups and downs to go through and work through together, what’s been your worst ‘down’ and best ‘up’ for you guys?
Dec: When we got all our stuff stolen was the worst down we’ve had.
Eddy: It was when we were on tour in Montreal, Canada. We got all of our shit stolen that day.
Dec: Yeah, all of it. Our passports, money, instruments…it was pretty shit.
Eddy: For me the highest point for our band was probably when we signed to Island Records, actually having the band signed to a major label and feeling like we’ve got somewhere.

What would you say to a band that have just started out and have reached the same peak that you guys did about a year or two ago? Having your name out there and drawing in crowds but still having potential and the ability to grow, when all the offers and shows started to come your way?
Dec: Keep going and keep going, no matter what. You can make it if you put the work in.
Eddy: Yeah, definitely, work your hardest and don’t give up. Never give up and you can make it.

You guys supported Blink 182 at their Manchester Apollo show back in July which was a pretty huge support slot. You’ve got a headline UK tour coming up in October, do you have any plans to head out to Europe or elsewhere after the tour or any other support slots coming up?
Eddy: We can’t really say just yet, but we do have plans under way which we’re excited about. The support slot links in with touring overseas, it’s all hush hush for now though.
Dec: It’s all a just a matter of keeping your eyes peeled!

So far from your album Changing Tune you have released two sings (If The World Was To End and Love Someone Else), what plans do you have for the next single and its release?
Eddy: We’ve only just released Love Someone Else so it will be a while before our next one comes out, it will definitely be after the album release though.
Dec: We do have a new single in mind but it’s nothing definite yet to discuss it, you’re definitely trying to get all the secrets out of us today, good job! But right now we can’t say shit.
Eddy: It’s just a shame we can’t talk about stuff yet, they’re still in the planning process or waiting to be announced and it’s not for us to say till things are confirmed and definite.

Lower Than Atlantis have been quite big on the festival scene this summer and you still have one or two more left to play, out of many that you played what has been your favourite festival?
Eddy: Probably Reading last week, the crowd were so good for that one.
Dec: I think I have to say this one….Merthyr Rock? But if I had to answer properly then probably Download, Download was a really good one for us to have played.
Eddy: Oh definitely Download. Download and Reading would be my highlights from this year to have played.

To round things off, there’s been a zombie apocalypse at Merthyr Rock this weekend and you need to survive. What would you guys do in the middle of a Welsh valley in an attempt to survive?
Eddy: Well I can see a castle up there so I’d probably go and hide in there somewhere. But if it’s an apocalypse wouldn’t everyone around be infected? So there’d probably be zombies in my hiding place, I’d be screwed….It doesn’t look like I’d be surviving this one. 
Dec: But you could stand at the top of the castle with a bow and arrow and shoot everyone like you were in mediaeval times. That’s how you could survive, you could eat all the sheep and lambs too so you’d have a good supply of food. You wouldn’t be too bad up there actually.