It was just two weeks ago I stumbled across Free Throw’s ‘Open Window’ on my Spotify discover playlist. At first, the acoustic melancholy sound really reminded me of The Hotelier’s ‘Goodness’ then it ripped into post-hardcore/emo noise and I was instantly sold.

Free Throw may just be my new favourite band of the year.

Their sophomore release ‘Bear Your Mind’ is a must listen for any angst-ridden 20 something and is a testament to how the “emo revival” is very much alive. The album has a very mature sound and even with it’s brutally honest lyrics it still manages to be somewhat uplifting.

I can imagine these Nashville sadbois are going to be one to watch, I’ll definitely be turning up to a show when they find themselves on our not so sunny shores.

The two tracks I would recommend you listen to to get a feel for the bands sound and why I think they’ll be your new favourite band are:

‘Randy, I Am The Liquor’ – Let’s just start by saying who doesn’t love a Trailer Park Boys reference? When I listen to this track all I can imagine is climbing over people to scream the chorus into the microphone with the band. It’s addictively catchy with screaming words that I’m sure are all too familiar to a few of us. This song is a perfect example of the tight sound these guys create together.

Secondly, I would definitely choose my favourite from the album ‘Weight On My Chest’ the title alone gives a hint of the vibe given by this song. With this track, you can really get a taste of the brutal honesty in the song writing. The band create a perfect soundtrack to the lyrics making this track more of an experience than many others I’ve heard. It tells a story. A story I’m sure many people can interpret in different ways, but to me, it’s definitely one that rings true with the constant losing battle of mental health with lines such as “I hope for the best, I need rest. I feel the weight press on my chest.” followed shortly after with “Shadows creep along my wall and I just want them gone, what did I do wrong to deserve this?” and finally the song climaxes with the sense of a battle won yet the war is far from over.

For fans of – Sorority Noise, Brand New, The Menzingers and You Blew It.

Caleb’s Album Score 10/10.

Listen to the album now on Spotify or the link below.