FEVER 333 have announced that they’ll be demonstrating at o2 Academy Islington on 30th August, just after their slots at Reading & Leeds festival.

Frontman JASON AALON BUTLER said in a statement:

​“We, the people, have been through so much over the past year and a half. The obvious and perpetually abounding struggle surrounding the globe, as well as the ​‘not as obvious as it should be’ struggles that affect particular groups more than others, by way of construct, power and the systematically intentional imbalance of said power. 

I want to highlight the difficulty most of us existing below a seemingly unattainable socio economic threshold had to experience. I want to celebrate those that persevered and honour those that suffered. We have been required to fight through it and we will require similar tenacity moving forward. But make no mistake, it was, it is and it forever will be the people that get us through. 

We have been anxiously awaiting the moment we could be reminded of this power the way we were once able to; inside a small club where we kept each other safe and believed no true need for the presence of external forces to maintain the respect, safety and power of those together in those clubs. 

And in the same breath make no mistake that this project will continue to advocate for the progress, representation, and justice of those who not only fell on to hard times due to this global pandemic, but those that were born into such hardship. In this statement I offer all respect and understanding I can to those affected by this dark time on earth as I am one of them, but I must also make clear that the mission, the message, and the meaning remain the same for FEVER 333. 

We are here to advocate for people’s power. Particularly the disenfranchised. Specifically for those intentionally marginalised by the institutions that are supposed to be there to assist and protect them. The demographics that on top of this pandemic experienced compounded hardship because they were already carrying a burden placed upon them prior to this horribly trying instance. 

This was supposed to be a statement about playing one demo in London, but the more I thought about it the more I realised this is so much more and always has been. This is an opportunity to congregate, to demonstrate and to remind ourselves of our power. After a completely fucked year on so many levels we cannot wait to experience the release of anxiety, frustration, fear, uncertainty and love that will most certainly be expressed at our first demo back in 18 months. We will strive to facilitate a safe space for everyone to express those feelings without harm or judgement. Make no mistake, the game remains the same. And you may join with 100 per cent certainty that we will continue to let them know – there’s a fever coming…”

Tickets go on sale Monday 2nd August at 10am.