'I Like Me Better' follows the release of Lauv’s debut single 'The Other,' a song Lauv wrote while studying at NYU, which has amassed over 75 million streams on Spotify and growing. The track also earned the titles of Today's Top Hits and Global 100. Matching artists such as Flume or Nick Murphy aka Chet Faker, Lauv’s current releases already amass over 100 million streams.

With his latest single 'I Like Me Better,' Lauv offers up a more uptempo track built on gracefully sculpted beats and shimmering melody. But even with its brighter mood, 'I Like Me Better' still delivers the soul-baring lyrics and intimate vocals that perfectly reflect Lauv’s artistic mission.

As heard on 'I Like Me Better,' Lauv’s unfettered openness remains a major touchstone for the 22 year-old San Frisco born artist, with his own label. “Before I started making music as Lauv, I’d lost that sense of who I really was for a while,” said Lauv. “It seems like a lot of people lose touch with that forever, and end up living a life that’s not really true to who they are. By being so honest in my songs, I want to encourage people to be okay with who they are and what they feel. More than anything else, that’s what drives me to create music in a massive way.”