We managed to catch up with the lovely Kitty Cowell!

What you stand for, and an interesting fact about yourself?
I stand for positivity and believing in your dreams, and self-respect. I also used to be a fencer and competed in fencing competitions so I’m not bad with a sword!

You give some of your music away for free, why do you do this in an industry which is apparently struggling  so much with sales anyway?
I want to give my music away for free until I have the backing of a label because I am trying to build my fan base and spread my music. I don’t believe people should pay for my music until it has reached a wider audience. So basically if you jump on board now I’m giving you free gifts for finding me!

Who’s been the most enjoyabled artist you’ve worked with and why?
I work with my friend D Burnz, he is based in America though so it’s all done through Skype and emails but he’s a really funny and talented guy. Plus it was great collaborating with my friend Daniel James Gouk on ‘That Girls Got Swag’ because he just is a lovely guy and has an incredible voice.

What’s been your best performance to date and why?
Oh God that’s a tough call; performing at Proud Camden (London) at the BANM showcase this year was great; it was an intimate show but it was rammed and was such a great atmosphere.

What are your inspirations for your music?
I’m inspired by my own emotions and use music as a way to release them. Musically I’m inspired by just so many genre’s; you’ll find me at loads of hardcore shows!

What’s your favourite song from either ‘Come Roll With Me’ and ’13′ and why?
That Girls Got Swag; there’s just something I love about performing that song. It feels right.

What was the inspiration for your new music video?
My new music video is for my song THE WORLD which is one of my fave songs for sure. The inspiration came from my friends and my day to day life. I sat down with the Yoke Creative team and discussed the things I’m into, what I get up to and the fact that I wanted to make a video that had lots of movement and dimensions. We have played with interesting camera techniques like having 2 of me on camera in one shot and using a snorricam which was attached to me. It’s the most fun I’ve ever had shooting a video!

You’re an extremely creative person in that you used to own Distress To Impress, are there any plans to bring it back?
Thank-you! Well I’m focusing on my Kitty Cowell merch right now in terms of clothing, but what interests me a lot is collaborating with other brands on clothing, That’s something I would love to do.

Where do you see yourself in 5 or so years?
Touring the world with a great team and making music with amazing producers.

A message to your fans?
13 crew stand tall! Thanks SO much for supporting me! xox