Hi there, I’m Ashwin, the founder of Night Swimming.

After being kicked out of my first band over personal conflicts and feeling empty after finishing my Undergraduate degree, I thought I’d give forming my own band a go.

I consulted one of my best mates from Uni about it, Aidan Haley, who plays bass, and we decided we wanted to be a shoegaze band. We put a post on UK/Emo Grunge and this kid called Lewis Spiteri responded, telling us that he plays guitar and was interested.

When we showed up for rehearsal, we not only found out he was only 16 (Aidan and I being 21 and the time), but he’d also never listened to shoegaze before. Regardless, within our 2-hour practice slow, we’d written a couple of songs that would be part of our self-titled EP, which we released in November 2016.

Our first show was at So Punk Fest in Southampton in February of 2017. Since then, we’ve played numerous shows around London, Kingston, Southampton and we opened the Failure By Design stage at Washed Out Fest in Brighton.

We recently signed to Further Sky Records and re released both of our EPs as a double package, along with a handful of live tracks. We’d describe our sound as something between Hyperview era Title Fight, Placebo and Nothing.

We plan to release a full-length LP, ‘Praise The Moon’ in 2018.