“Throughout this past winter, I kept experiencing the same cycle of anxiety. I would get worked up about all sorts of inconsequential things. Inevitably, I reached the point where I realized I had no control over these things I was worrying about. Arriving at this conclusion always felt great. “Breeze” was written about that cycle and the relief that followed.”

“‘Breeze‘ is the first single from my upcoming Window Weather EP. I enlisted my friend and collaborator Chewey (Jack McGuiness) to produce the incredible trap drum sounds and add to the psychedelic textures of what began as a demo recorded in my Toronto studio. What began as emailing files back and forth across the country culminated in a day spent finishing the track together out west.”

“On a surface level, I’ll be thrilled if you dig the groove and the vibe of “Breeze.” If you can connect and relate to the lyrics – to the feeling of being caught in an anxious cycle – that would be even cooler for me. Ideally, “Breeze”  will help you feel like you are not alone in these feelings.”