“she was my first love.”

‘another girl‘ is about a relationship that ended suddenly. i fucked it up. 

and after she left, every time i’d wake up with someone in my arms, i wished i was waking up next to her. i didn’t want to be with anyone else; i wanted to be with her. it wasn’t until years later that i told her. while i was living in the monastery, she was all i could think about. eventually, i broke down. i poured my heart into a notebook, ran an entire pen dry, and put everything in there. when i returned to the states, i handed it to her. 

the recording process for “another girl” was crazy. this is our first remote track, as we are living in Taiwan and LA. we started writing on zoom together three days a week and then decided to just go for it. after a lot of time spent sending the music and vocals back and forth, we have developed a total flow. 

as you listen, we want you to remember to go after the one you love.

don’t settle for anything less. 

it’s easy to get distracted by people you know aren’t right.

if you love her, let her know. 

thank you for listening!

pink roses”

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