PALO SANTO represents a magical little moment in my mind where it’s just you and one other person. The rest of the world pauses and disappears, leaving you feeling like you’re in a sort of breathless vacuum. That moment, that intimacy, is what this song is about.”

“A couple of years ago, my longtime friend and photographer, Erin Leydon, posted a little video of Palo Santo burning during golden hour, and I remember being mesmerized by the way the light was catching the smoke as it billowed up.

I couldn’t get that imagery out of my head one day while I was sitting in my apartment, playing around on my guitar in the middle of a massive thunderstorm with all the windows and doors wide open. I’ve always found some sort of romantic quality to thunder and a torrential downpour. I think that moodiness and romance definitely found its way into PALO SANTO and it flowed out in about half an hour.”

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