Speaking about the new single, PIXEY explains, “‘ELECTRIC DREAM’ was originally written as a piano ballad but after finishing the lyrics I felt the song worked as a dance track.”

“I wrote it to make sense of being locked in with nothing to rely on but technology. The verses are all of my anxieties that come with that – like trying to simulate humanity digitally and what kind of a future that would be – but the choruses are about the imperfections of real life that technology and AI can’t give us.”

“I wanted a collection of tracks which gave a quick snapshot into me and my brain – where I’m from, where I want to be and what I’m thinking about,” she adds of her new EP called FREE TO LIVE IN COLOUR. “I hope people can take something meaningful from it or simply have a dance.” The EP will be available from 24th March via Chess Club Records.

‘Free To Live In Colour’ EP tracklisting:
1. Just Move
2. California
3. Electric Dream
4. The Mersey Line
5. Free To Live In Colour