NORMANDIE have released HOSTAGE, a hugely personal song about a web of panic attacks and fighting internal demons that affected singer PHILIP STRAND.

Speaking about the new track, STRAND said: “When I was 22 I suffered from severe anxiety and experienced something called DP, De-Personalisation. I couldn’t recognise myself in the mirror and it felt like nobody could see or hear me. It was like I didn’t exist.  ‘Hostage’ is about those experiences and is written from the perspective of what it felt like inside these panic attacks.”

He continues: “This video itself is about the battle we have within ourselves. It’s the therapy session with the different versions of myself and linked to past videos Holy Water, Jericho, White Flag and Atmosphere.  The snake represents the negative voice in our heads and has a religious reference where the snakes whispers led to the fall of Eden, the place of perfect peace and stillness.”

HOSTAGE is taken from the forthcoming album, DARK & BEAUTIFUL SECRETS, out 19th February.