Taken from the album, SAD LOOKS PRETTY ON ME, which is also released today (19th March).

The latest video completes a cryptic journey that fans have been following through the visual releases of LAVENDERS, FAKE RICH FT. ELIJAH WITT, SAD LOOKS PRETTY ON ME, and STRAWBERRIES.

Speaking about the new album, frontwoman KALIE WOLFE, said:

3 years. That’s how long we worked on this record. 100 songs, that’s how many instrumentals we wrote, over 35 with vocals. We spent so many hours in the studio with different people to create a diverse and crazy range of songs that somehow still sound like RIVALS. ‘Sad Looks Pretty on Me’ is a step into another world. We hope you enjoy the dive from pop to metal, from emo rap/rock to post-hardcore, and everything in between. Don’t forget, happy is temporary, but make those moments of sadness look good on you. You’re strong. You’re amazing. And you’re worth it.