UPRISING was described to me by a friend as “Doctor Who meets Blondie’s ‘Call Me’” and I have to agree.

A strange combination it’s true but somehow it works and it’s clear that this track will be a true Muse anthem. Taken from their much anticipated fifth studio album ‘The Resistance’; the new single offers an exciting preview into the newer, more experimental chapter of Muse’s ten year career. Much like their last album this single hints at a move away from their older rock roots and towards – what I would describe as – a more progressive rock sound. This move away from the classic Muse sound could be seen as a disappointment to some fans who are expecting the same band that started out with ‘Showbiz’; however they still manage to stay true to their dramatic and expressive past which has always been present in their music and certainly keep their stadium filling status. To me the whole point of Muse is that they make something new on every album, always pushing the boundaries and giving the fan’s something new to look forward to, this single delivers and leaves me full of anticipation for the album’s release on September 14th.

Sarah Lowndes