When I Was Drunk” is the kind of song you dance alone in your room to when you’re feeling down. The kind of song you sing along to at the top of your lungs when it comes on in the car.”

“I wrote this new track with Tino Zolfo and Todd Wright, and it was produced by the incredible duo Towers. It couldn’t have been a more wonderful/stress-free experience! From beginning to end, we allowed ourselves to have fun with it.

Emily Parr directed the music video for “When I Was Drunk.” She’s an amazing artist, photographer, and designer who has such an eye for ethereal aesthetic. I knew she was the one to capture my song’s sense of dreamy drunkenness. Watch the video on YouTube!

Our visions were completely aligned the whole way through. In each meeting I had with Emily, up until the video shoot day, we would bring ideas to each other and just respond with, “Amazing! Love it!” The process was so collaborative and fun; the entire set was one big glitter party.

Thanks so much for listening! I hope that “When I Was Drunk” brings you some joy and maybe gets you dancing alone in your room. ❤️❤️❤️”